Peace For All of Us

Jamie and Kevin Pfau

We met in college in 2004. Started dating in 2005. Been married since 2009. Foster parents since 2011. Jamie – SSHRC funded PhD student in Community Health Sciences, Research Coordinator with University of Manitoba and Manitoba Centre for Health Policy. Kevin – Stock Investor/Genius, Stay at Home Parent, Gentle Giant.

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The Beginning

Many folks who are involved in the child welfare system understand that just simply saying, “the child welfare system,” paints a grim picture. After becoming foster parents, we immediately wanted to make changes. So, I went back to school in 2013. I was 29, beginning my undergrad degree in Psychology. I thought this would help, and indeed it did – our parenting strategies dramatically changed, after learning about the brain. My masters degree is in Social Work and this education helped us learn about the systemic issues that lead to oppression and marginalization of many humans living Manitoba.

My education focuses on improving the lives of those involved in child welfare. This includes foster children, birth families, foster parents, and front-line child welfare professionals. But in the meantime, I had the opportunity to work with Resolve Manitoba on a research project. The research explored child welfare policies that focus on those who are experiencing and witnessing domestic violence. During this time, Kevin and I became disgusted with the lack of options for females who are desperately trying to escape violence and keep her children safe. We call these women what they are – warriors.

And so, equipped with this knowledge, and newly developing desire to make changes, Peace For All of Us was born.


Kevin and I purchased two condominium units in safe parts of the city. One is dedicated to female warriors who are escaping domestic violence and her children. The other is for two youth who have aged out of care, and are at risk of becoming homeless (because there are no SAFE, NICE, and AFFORDABLE housing options!).

Community Love

To make our dream happen, we had some pretty large asks. Both units came fully furnished and completely turnkey (this includes all furniture, linen, bedding, small appliances, and even dish soap, blow dryers, and art!). Almost every single item was donated by wonderful humans in Manitoba. (I have always said I love Manitoba and Winnipeg, and people often think I am kidding, but I would choose good humans over a warm climate every day of the week!)

People happily donated their items, and some even helped us move in! But before we could move in, we needed to renovate both units. This includes both units receiving new paint, floor refinishing, and the deepest of deep cleaning! In the end, we were able to provide two beautiful units to wonderful humans. This would not have been possible without the support of Manitobans. Those who could not provide any furnishings offered donations. We had no idea that folks would be so generous. We decided to start a gofundme and have been overwhelmed with the support!

If you wanted to support Peace For All of Us – Thank YOUUU!! You may click on the button above, or simply e-transfer to Any little bit helps! We are currently working on a charity number, but we do not have one at this time.

Future Plans

We understand two homes are not enough. We have dreams of providing multiple housing options to those in Manitoba who need it. We would love to purchase a multi unit dwelling with layouts that include bachelor, two bedroom, and three bedroom options.

Kevin and I purchased the condos with our own private funds. We are currently working towards becoming incorporated, selecting a board of directors, and becoming a licensed charity. Of course, these things take time and we are slowly but surely ticking things off the list. We will keep posting updates regarding our progress.