About Us

Jamie and Kevin Pfau

Owners of Lazy Days Lodge

We have been happily married since 2009. Shortly after wanting to start a family, we learned of my infertility. By 2011, we became proud foster parents. So folks, never let the doctors tell you that you will never be a parent. Here we are, ten years and five children later! It did not take like for us to recognize the need for change in our child welfare system. By 2013, I went back to school, two degrees later, I am beginning my PhD in Community Health Sciences with a plan to promote better outcomes for children in care.

In the meantime, Kevin began his stay at home parent adventure. While packing school lunches and organizing the family calendar, he became a successful stock investor. We always wanted to create a safe and affordable housing project for both youth aging out of care and survivors of domestic violence. His smart investments made that dream a reality. In 2019, Kevin was diagnosed with cancer. He has been in remission since the fall of 2019 – just in time for our ten year wedding anniversary.

His diagnosis made us eager to make changes today instead of the many tomorrows we may have taken for granted. By December of 2019, we had purchased two homes for our initiative. We call it Peace For All of Us. Our mandate is to make this home safe and affordable, but also nice. These are homes folks would be proud to live in, and would promote dignity. Currently both homes are occupied; one with a female survivor of domestic violence and her three children, and one with two youth who have aged out of care.

So! What does this have to do with Lazy Days Lodge? Well, every single booking helps create revenue that goes to Peace For All of Us. This includes covering expenses (maintenance, condominium fees, utilities, repairs, and all other expenses). We even provide each tenant with good quality furniture, all household appliances, linen, and even a laptop computer. The units are incredibly turnkey.

Lazy Days Lodge will help provide funding for Peace For All of Us. Our goals include purchasing more homes for humans. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your support.